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Terra i Solis: A Farm Retreat in the Heart of the Philippines

Looking to escape the city this Holy Week? Come discover the beauty of rural life in Marinduque! One of the Philippines’ best-kept secrets, the island-province of Marinduque offers abundant opportunities to reconnect to nature, food, and Filipino traditions. 

At the AGREA Farm Estate, you can spend three days and three nights camping in the comfort of a backyard beach. Not just your average getaway, this serene experience will give you the chance to fill your spirits and your stomach. All guests will have the opportunity to immerse in organic farming and cooking activities led by Cherrie Atilano (@pinayfarmer), a millennial farmer and entrepreneur.

Of course, no Holy Week in Marinduque would be complete without witnessing the annual Moriones Lenten Rights. With the help of AGREA’s local guides, you can learn about the island’s unique history and culture firsthand. By the end of the retreat, you will leave the island with a newfound appreciation for your food and the people that produce it.

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