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Angus Yip discontinued his computer science course to work as a software engineer in the Silicon Valley. He had been an active part of the developer community while participating and organizing tech events such as hackathons, spanning topics including UI/UX, AI, and blockchain.

Recently, the economic growth in South East Asia and, of course, Yip’s roots, were good enough reasons for him to participate in the SEA startup scene, beginning in the Philippines region and the blockchain consulting sector.

Yip’s story isn’t common when over-filtering applicants based on their credentials is standard practice. Knowing this, Yip envisioned an accessible talent market, where the lack of credentials won’t be a handicap to applicants or block companies from acquiring capable talents.

Using methodologies inspired by leading tech companies, Yip started Vagrant Limited, an HR firm that looks beyond a talent’s credentials to ensure companies the widest access to an incredible pool of problem-solving, critical thinking, and output-oriented talents.

Leveraging his knowledge as a full-stack developer, expertise in ICOs, and experience as a startup entrepreneur, Yip actively engages in community events and conferences.

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