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Amor Maclang
Globally Award Winning Brand Architect, Risk/Crisis/Reputation Strategist, Marketing & Communications Innovator
GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications Inc.

If you are mentioning public relations and nationalism in the same breath you must be talking about Amor Maclang. At the ripe old age of 24 she founded GeiserMaclang, which went on to become one the top public relations firms in the Philippines. An internationally awarded champion of marketing as a force for good, her projects demonstrate that you can hit your business goals while still doing good for the country.

She is the first communications professional in the country to become an ISO 31000 Crisis Management Practitioner, one of the only professionals ever to be accomplished in both marketing and crisis management.

Amor is the leading communications, marketing, and public relations forerunner in the digital transformation, blockchain, crypto currency and other emerging technologies and helps companies navigate through reputational, education and information gaps in any nascent technologies.

Currently she serves as the reputation surrogate chairman for PADCDI (Philippine Association For Digital Commerce and Decentralized Industries) and one of the founding officers of The Block Chain Association of the Philippines and Tech Up Pilipinas for which she is a founding member. She is also currently working closely with CEZA (Cagayan Special Economic Zone) and leading the Philippine Delegation in the DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel on Sept 1-10, 2018. Her current missions include building a comprehensive commercial brand for the Philippines and helping the country understand and embrace Internet 3.0. Amor is known for building strategic partnerships between legacy corporations, cutting edge technologies, investors and industry players.

Aside from being the advisor of leading companies in the Philippines and celebrities in both show business and industry, Amor is also a multi-media personality. She runs the longest running real estate column in the Philippines for the leading business newspaper in the country, has appeared on TV for PhilRealty TV, also the longest running for the industry. She has been referred to by PhilRealty TV's John Aguilar as a Real Estate Evangelist and has years of Consulting experience in real estate, both residential, commercial and mixed use, from a Communications, Branding, marketing, publishing and networks and partnership spectrum. She is currently public engagement officer of ULI (Urban Land Institute).

She counts MINDANAO, sustainability, Agriculture, Tourism and the correct land use as her CSR2.0 work.

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