LEAF 2018 Global Advisory Board

The Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Agriculture Forum Global Advisory Board is comprised of experts and professionals from the fields of agriculture, entrepreneurship, agro-social enterprise, non-profit organizations, innovation, and technology-based firms.

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LEAF 2018 Global Advisers in Focus

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    Jose Ma. "Joey" Concepcion

    Founder, GoNegosyo Chairman, ASEAN BAC Philippines Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship PhilippinesJose Ma. Concepcion III has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of RFM Corporation since 1989. He also serves as Chief Executive Officer and President of Philippine Townships, Inc.   Read More...

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    Dr. William D. Dar

    President, InangLupa Movement Former Executive Director, ICRISAT PhilippinesDr. William D. Dar is a champion of the poor especially the small farmers and fisher folks.   Read More...

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    Cherrie De Erit Atilano

    President and Founding Farmer, AGREA Chairman and Executive Director, LEAF PhilippinesCherrie Atilano is the founder and CEO of AGREA Agricultural Systems International, Inc., an agro-social enterprise that aims to help eradicate poverty for farming and fishing families in order to alleviate the effects of climate change and establish food security in the Philippines.AGREA has been mobilizing communities, businesses, academia, local and national governments, and international partners to bring a...  Read More...

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    Jean-Marc Debricon

    Founder, Green Shoots Foundation General Manager, Alterfin France, UK and BelgiumJean-Marc Debricon has been involved in a number of non-profit organizations active in the developing world. Since 2015, he is the General Manager of Alterfin Cvba, a Belgium-based financial cooperative supporting sustainable development through microfinance, sustainable agriculture and other environmental impacting investments. Alterfin is active in 37 countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America and in the ...  Read More...

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    Joshua Gilbert

    Manager, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Indigenous Consulting AustraliaJosh is a Worimi man who uses Indigenous wisdom and values, alongside his environmental and agricultural knowledge to shape modern society. Professionally, Josh works as a Manager with PwC’s Indigenous Consulting. Outside of this formal work, Josh is a tireless advocate, creating change in the Indigenous, agricultural and environmental fields.   Read More...

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    James Flanagan

    Executive Director, Strategic Commons ChinaJames Flanagan graduated from McGill University. He develops media brands in China, Hong Kong and Singapore, helping them reach millions of audiences throughout Asia. He works closely with Yang Lan on the development of her brands.   Read More...

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    Durrie Hassan

    Executive Director, Carlston Mansfield Hong KongDurrie Hassan is Executive Director with Visible Mission, an Asia-focused venture philanthropy and impact investment division for a family office.He is a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum, Vice President of UBS 20/20 Social Impact Leaders group and a Governing Board member for Mongolia Needs You, a social enterprise focused on education. After graduating with a BSc in Business Management from the University of Surrey, Durrie has also comple...  Read More...

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    Kal Joffres

    CEO and Founder, Tandemic Malaysia and CanadaKal is the CEO and co-founder of Tandemic, an innovation firm based in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Tandemic focuses on applying new approaches to addressing business and social challenges ranging from preventing diabetes to improving the quality of education. Through his work, Kal has served clients and partners such as UNICEF, UNDP, Standard Chartered, Microsoft, Novo Nordisk, and Sime Darby.He also teaches design thinking for...  Read More...

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    Carine Kiala

    Senior AssociateThe Boston Consulting GroupLuanda, AngolaCarine Kiala is an Associate at the Boston Consulting Group in Angola. She holds a Masters Degree in International Relations from the University of Pretoria in South Africa, with a specialty in African Politics and International Political Economy, and remains an Associate Researcher in the Department of Political Sciences. She has authored a wide range of publications across genres, including the critical paperback "The Politics of Trade i...  Read More...

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    Indradi Soemardjan

    Director, Anapana Pte. Ltd. Singapore and IndonesiaIndradi "Indi" Soemardjan is an active and well-connected entrepreneur in the ASEAN and New Zealand business communities who cultivates sustainable business development and trade opportunities, and understands business growth potential in the ASEAN region.   Read More...

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