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What if I am outside of the target range for "emerging leaders" (ages 20-40)? Can I still attend the event and become a member of the LEAF Community?

Yes, emerging leaders and veteran advocates are welcome to join LEAF. In partnership with the ASEAN Mentorship for Entrepreneurs Network (AMEN), LEAF will connect younger and older delegates for mentoring and support.

I am a speaker coming from outside the Philippines. What types of transportation and/or accommodation will be available for me to reach LEAF?

Please specify your planned mode of travel to the Philippines in your online registration. We will work with you to secure the proper flight.

I am a delegate/speaker traveling long-distance within the Philippines. What types of transportation/accommodation will be available for me to reach LEAF?

If you are flying to Manila first, vans will be arranged for people coming to LEAF via local flights. The van will take you to your accommodations in Tagaytay. If you wish to travel alone, we will also provide information regarding public vehicles travelling to Tagaytay.

I am a Person with Disabilities. Will there be services to accommodate me at LEAF?

Please specify your accessibility needs on your online registration form. We will work closely with you to ensure that LEAF is an event accessible to all.

How do I pay for my ticket?

Please complete our Online Registration Form. Once done, proceed to the Payment Portal.

My work is not directly related to agriculture. Am I still able to become a member of the LEAF Community?

Do you have a desire to connect your work to agriculture? Are you interested in becoming a lifetime advocate for agriculture across the globe? If so, we wholly invite you to apply and participate!

What are the incentives of being a LEAF Delegate?

As a LEAF Delegate, you will be connected to a community of diverse leaders and entrepreneurs working to redefine and revitalize agriculture for the 21st century. After the event is over, you will retain LEAF membership for life, allowing you to be listed and contact other members of the LEAF database for future collaborations, meetups, and resources.

Are tickets refundable or transferable?

If you wish to cancel your registration and request for a refund, tickets may be refunded provided that you notify us through email one (1) month before the event date. However, they are non-transferable, and you may not send another person to LEAF under your name.

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