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LEAF 2018 SPEAKER IN FOCUS: Julius Barcelona

Julius Barcelona is the Executive Assistant for Market Research and Product Development of Harbest Agribusiness Corporation. Since 2006 he has been traveling the world, learning from farmers and how they became successful through innovations both high and low-tech. Through this intensive practical education, he can adapt and share these innovations for the betterment of Philippine Agriculture.

What is your agri-dream for the Philippines/your home region/home country? For the Philippines to become the country that feeds the world.

Share your agri journey. One year living in a bahay kubo, five years traveling and learning from farmers and fields, two years of mad science and experimentation.

How can we take agriculture to the next level? We have to strengthen our foundations. Innovations are solutions to problems but will collapse if the foundations they are built on are weak. This means taking a good, hard look at addressing several concerns:

  • the current state of infrastructure in our logistics, telecommunications, connectivity, and markets;
  • the disconnect between farmers and markets in our food production and consumption habits;
  • the disconnect between the theoretical and the practical in agricultural education and research;
  • the disconnect between public policy and private initiative in driving agricultural growth and reform;
  • the inaccessibility of our farmers to materials and resources, credit and finances, and technology transfer;
  • the immaturity of our agricultural industry as unready to face change and innovation;
  • the fear, anger, and uncertainty that arises from misunderstood change and innovation;

What excites you about LEAF? The discourse and debate of multiple visions as we all work towards making agriculture better for the world.

What is your message to the next generation of agri-champs? Let not your gaze to the sky with your eyes shining bright dull the sweat and the sun and the soil on your skin.

What is the future of Agriculture in the Philippines/your home region/home country, in 3 words. Cooperation, Collaboration, Community

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