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LEAF 2018 MODERATOR IN FOCUS: Quintin Pastrana

Quintin Pastrana is a corporate executive, entrepreneur, and writer.

He is the President of renewable energy firm, WEnergy Power Pilipinas, Founder of the award-winning Library Renewal Partnership, and partner at Morning Tide Capital, a leading investment firm focused on SME empowerment.

Quintin completed his masters degrees in Business, International Relations, and Literature and Creative Writing from the Universities of Georgetown, Cambridge, and Oxford. He is a Starting Bloc Global Enterprise Fellow, Asia 21 Young Leader, and was named among Library Journal's Movers and Shakers, and the US-ASEAN Business Council's rising stars.

What is your agri-dream for the Philippines/your home region/home country? Empowered farmers seizing the value chain and food security in basic staples and high value added crops

Share your agri journey. Finalist at IdeaSpace for crop buying app, and amateur farmer in Adams, Ilocos Norte

How can we take agriculture to the next level? Access to finance and tech transfer on best practices and entrepreneurship for farmers, infrastructure and post-harvest support for farmers

What excites you about LEAF? The opportunity to advance best practices across a growing ecosystem of public, private, and civic stakeholders

What is your message to the next generation of agri-champs? Be an entrepreneur and help put food on the Filipino family's table in a sustainable, affordable, and reliable manner.

What is the future of Agriculture in the Philippines/your home region/home country, in 3 words. Value Chain Migration

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