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Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Agriculture Forum (LEAF 2018)

DATE: September 29 & 30, 2018
VENUE: Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay, Philippines

Through the lens of Agripreneurship, Agritech: Digital Agriculture, and Agritourism, how can  a wide range of disciplines join forces to push innovative and sustainable solutions for agriculture in the 21st century?

Whether you work on a farm, in a restaurant, or a tech hub, we are calling all agricultural advocates (emerging leaders and experienced mentors) to share their passions with a network that thinks outside the box.

Redefining + Revitalizing Agriculture
The theme for LEAF 2018 is Redefining + Revitalizing Agriculture. It demonstrating that agriculture is a field with abundant possibilities on and off the farm. As the inaugural forum we want to express loud and clear: the future of farming is now. The collaborative experience will address topics across the wider spectrum of agriculture. These topics are:

  • Agripreneurship, turning farming into a creative and lucrative business.
  • Agritech, evolving the way we farm and improving the agricultural value chain through 21st-century science and technology.
  • Agritourism, integrating farms into our leisure and lifestyle, bringing us back to a greater understanding of our food sources and connecting us to the producers.


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