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    Indigenous Peoples are guardians of heirloom food diversity

    In many parts of the world, Indigenous Peoples (IPs) are using local wisdom, passed on through generations, to cultivate a variety of food: wild herbs; rare fruits; heirloom sorghum; forgotten (and therefore endangered) varieties of rice grains, beans, and tubers; legacy spices; artisanal cheeses and meats, etc. The global slow food movement has given rise to the “Ark of Taste,” which promotes small-scale quality production of food that is inextricably linked to culture, history...  Read More...

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    AGREA enables climate-smart farmers through solar water pump tech

    BOAC, MARINDUQUE. It was a groundbreaking Independence Day when a solar water pump was installed and turned-over by AGREA to one of its farming communities in Kulilis, Torrijos on 12 June 2019. With El Niño made worst by the adverse effects of climate change, this initiative of AGREA is relevant and needed more than ever. For this year alone, AGREA’s partner farmers in Marinduque have lost a year’s worth of turmeric harvest, because of the lack of an efficient water syste...  Read More...