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Your Guide to Agricultural Abundance

AGREA recognizes the crucial need to capacitate the current and future generations of farmers. Safeguarding the well-being of farmers and the knowledge they possess is essential to a prosperous agricultural sector, and to the country’s capacity to feed its people. 

Through agriculture, farmers can be a starting point for change.

  • Capacity-Building & Sustainable Agriculture Training for Farmers
  • Food Security & Sufficiency Masterplan
  • Roundtable Discussions and Advocacy Events
  • Farm Tourism Development
  • Sustainability Services

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Are you looking to build sustainable partnerships with farmers? AGREA’s team of agriculturists, social workers, strategic community organizers, and multi-stakeholders partnerships will help you optimize your agricultural production while equipping your farmer-partners with the right skills to build sustainable livelihoods:

  • Profiling & Needs Assessment of Farmer-Partners
  • Financial Literacy Training
  • Leadership & Values Formation Training
  • Technical Training on Sustainable Agriculture:
    • Integrated farming
    • System of Rice Intensification
    • Organic agriculture production: vegetables, chicken,  hog raising, organic fertilizer and concoctions production
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Food Security & Sufficiency Masterplan

AGREA offers full-scale planning for local governments, public institutions, schools, and private enterprises to take effective action for food security and nutrition:

  • Community Evaluation. Evaluate communities in need and set actionable targets for food security and nutrition.
  • Market Assessment. On-the-ground interviews with market sellers to assess situation of agricultural imports and exports.
  • The Garden Classroom. Educational programs for elementary school students to learn food cultivation, healthy eating, and  environmental stewardship.
  • Sustainable Infrastructure. Advising for land development in rural areas to preserve ecological balance, optimize land  available for agriculture, and connect food producers to markets.
  • Farm Tourism. Consulting for sustainable farm tourism development.
  • AGREA Farm School. DA ATI- and TESDA-accredited short (2-day) to long (42-day) certification programs for farmers and farming enthusiasts:
    • Organic Agriculture Production NCII
    • Agricultural Crops NCII
    • Pest Management (Vegetables) NCII
    • Agribusiness / Agriculture Entrepreneurship
    • Agriculture Short Courses
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Roundtable Discussions and Advocacy Events

AGREA’s mission to uplift and empower farmers and fisher-folk also extends to women, youth, and emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in agriculture. Our team believes in the potential of marginalized and untapped communities to transform the world. We specialize in organizing international and localized seminars/training programs with themes of:

  • Sustainable Agriculture & Environment
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Gender & Development
  • Youth Leadership
  • Social Entrepreneurship & Agritechnology
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Farm Tourism Development

Do you own an unproductive or barren land? Are you looking to develop a farm or to beautify an existing area? Consult our experts with over 20 years of experience in land development, sustainable landscaping, construction, project budgeting, feasibility studies and business plan development.

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Sustainability Services

Are you looking to build systems for renewable energy and waste? AGREA can help you reach sustainable solutions for your next project:

  • Hydropower
  • Solar power
  • Waste-to-energy (agriculture, solid waste)
  • Wastewater management
  • Sustainable luxury travels
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